YouTube's view count is calculated by combining each official version of a song, including the official music video, user-generated content that uses the official song, and lyric videos.

Disclaimer: YouTube doesn't aggregate views for all artists on, only for a portion of them.

If we’re not tracking the YouTube Artist profile and you want us to start tracking artists' views data across all channels featuring their music, use the Add artist link endpoint to submit a new source. The URL structure should look like this:

Don't know the artist UUID yet? Use the Get artist by platform ID or Search artist by name endpoints.


GET /api/v2/artist/{uuid}/streaming/youtube/views/{year}/{month}

Path parameters

Parameter name Value Description Additional
uuid string

An artist UUID

year integer

Year YYYY format

month integer

Month MM format



Status code Description Resource
200 OK

A Streaming Account response with YouTube monthly views

Streaming Plot Collection
400 Bad Request

Invalid date provided

401 Unauthorized

You are not logged in

403 Forbidden

This endpoint is not included in your current plan, reach out to if you want access.

404 Not Found

Artist not found

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An artist UUID


Year YYYY format


Month MM format

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