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Artist Uuid Spotify ID
Billie Eilish 11e81bcc-9c1c-ce38-b96b-a0369fe50396 6qqNVTkY8uBg9cP3Jd7DAH
Tones & I ca22091a-3c00-11e9-974f-549f35141000 2NjfBq1NflQcKSeiDooVjY


Title / Artist Uuid ISRC Spotify ID
Ur So F**kInG cOoL / Tones & I 2ffc5f25-f191-4551-a1b4-40fe9ddcc075 USAT22003425 7A9rdAz2M6AjRwOa34jxIP
Bad Guy / Billie Eilish 7d534228-5165-11e9-9375-549f35161576 USUM71900764 37s1cvCDnWgt8EPmgdWWgT


Type Platform Name Platform Code Name Slug
Song Spotify spotify Viral - Global global-28
Album Deezer deezer Top 200 - Metal top-200-metal


Platform Name Platform Code Name Uuid Identifier Available tracklisting date
Spotify spotify New Music Friday 11e84493-4135-a14e-bca2-a0369fe50396 37i9dQZF1DWXJfnUiYjUKT 2020-10-15T05:25:01+00:00
Apple Music apple-music All Grown Up (US) 86694fd0-cdce-11e8-8cff-549f35161576 pl.56c8e3358e454f94aca2b938ef958273 2020-10-10T05:15:02+00:00


Name Slug
BBC 2 bbc-2
BBC London bbc-london


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