To avoid unnecessary requests, you can first get the dates with available data from the Get available audience report dates endpoint.

Available platforms for this endpoint are Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. Note that the depth for these platform reports depends on the platform. Instagram is the only platform that returns data for both likes & followers.

Find out some definitions of terms found in these reports in the Get audience report - latest endpoint.

Don't know the artist UUID yet? Use the Get artist by platform ID or Search artist by name endpoints.

Note: Audience reports are updated monthly.


GET /api/v2/artist/{uuid}/audience/{platform}/report/{date}

Path parameters

Parameter name Value Description Additional
uuid string

An artist UUID

platform string

A social platform code

date string

A report date (YYYY-MM-DD)



Status code Description Resource
200 OK

An Artist audience report response

Audience Report
400 Bad Request

Invalid request

401 Unauthorized

You are not logged in

403 Forbidden

This endpoint is not included in your current plan, reach out to if you want access.

404 Not Found

Artist not found

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An artist UUID


A social platform code


A report date (YYYY-MM-DD)

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