Please note that:

  • Available platforms for this endpoint are Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.
  • The artist should have at least 1,000 followers/subscribers on the platform for us to get an audience report.
  • The depth for these platform reports depends on the platform. Instagram is the only platform that returns data for both likes & followers.
  • Audience reports are updated monthly.

Here are some definitions of terms found in these reports:

Notable followers are accounts with over 1,000 followers amongst the artist’s audience.

Reachabilities shows the percentage of the artist’s audience that follow:

  • below 500 accounts;
  • between 500 and 1,000 accounts;
  • between 1,000 and 1,500 accounts;
  • more than 1,500 accounts: these will most likely not see the sponsored posts and are likely to be bots or fake accounts.

Audience lookalikes are accounts that follow similar pages to those the artist follows. These accounts’ followers are likely to follow the artist.

Brand affinity/interests lists captions, mentions, hashtags, and location tags used by the artist or his audience to measure their interest in a brand/topic.
The affinity metric measures how much this audience is interested in the brand/topic compared to Instagram users on average. For instance:

  • 1.0 affinity means they are just as interested as an average user;
  • 2.0 affinity means they are twice as interested;
  • 0.5 affinity means they are half as interested
We base this calculation on the latest 150 posts - or more, if there were more than 150 published within the last two months.
The weight metric is the estimated percentage of the artist’s audience that are following the brand/topic.

Audience Credibility shows the percentage of the audience that can be defined as real people (not bots or fake accounts). This score considers multiple factors, such as account’s avatar and bio description, number of posts, number of accounts followed vs following ratio. Influencers with genuine audience will attain scores of 80 or above.

The likes credibility is based only on active engaged audience. A high like credibility score does not indicate real followers, and the account may still have bought fake followers, which would come with a low engagement rate.

Average likes, comments or views are the average sum of likes/comments/views on the artist’s latest posts within the last 2 months, but no more than 500 posts. If the influencer does not post often, we may take the posts older than 2 months, but no more than 10.

Popular Posts are the influencer's posts that gather the largest absolute number of likes, based on the likes gathered by the latest 150 posts, or more if they have been published within the last two months.

Popular mentions/hashtags are the ones that have been most frequently used under the artist’s latest 30 posts.

Audience type segments the artist’s audience into 4 categories:

  • Influencers is the share of the audience having more than 1,000 followers
  • Mass followers is the share of the audience that follows more than 1,500 accounts
  • Suspicious accounts is the share of the non-credible but not mass-followers audience
  • Real people is the rest of the audience

Don't know the artist UUID yet? Use the Get artist by platform ID or Search artist by name endpoints.


GET /api/v2/artist/{uuid}/audience/{platform}/report/latest

Path parameters

Parameter name Value Description Additional
uuid string

An artist UUID

platform string

A social platform code



Status code Description Resource
200 OK

An Artist audience report response

Audience Report
400 Bad Request

Invalid request

401 Unauthorized

You are not logged in

403 Forbidden

This endpoint is not included in your current plan, reach out to if you want access.

404 Not Found

Artist not found

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An artist UUID


A social platform code

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